Not Ashamed

By: Anthony Baker

Jul 25 2011

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Category: Bible, Family, Heritage


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If you could see every page of my dad’s Bible, it would look like this. He used blue, black, and red pens to underline and make notes. He highlighted key passages with with a rainbow full of colored pencils. His Bible was a testimony to hours spent with the One he loved – and he wasn’t ashamed.

This fragile, well-worn, marked up book is my greatest material treasure. I can only hope that my children will one day find their father’s Bible in the same condition.

Do you have a Bible? Do you spend time in it? Don’t be ashamed, for it is the “power of God unto salvation..”


7 comments on “Not Ashamed”

  1. I have many bibles, and there is a lot of ink in them. I spend a lot of time trying to piece together its message and the underlying meaning that is to be retrieved from the passages. It is one of the more prominent discussion topics I have in fact. I think this coming weekend ill have a meeting with my mormon friends and maybe this time they will find a way to address some important questions.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Bob. Sorry to hear (by looking at your blog) that your love for this book isn’t exactly like mine or my late dad.

      I do appreciate your willingness, however, to search for truth. Maybe one day you will believe differently about the One who said “I am the…Truth.” Just keep in mind the warning of C.S. Lewis, “A young man who wishes to remain a sound Atheist cannot be too careful of his reading.”


  2. Love this post. This is what leaving a legacy is all about.


  3. I currently own four Bibles, and only one has minimal writing/underlining in it. I have a tendency to run into people who need a Bible, and they get whichever one I am holding. This means I usually lose my “writing Bible.”

    I do not have any old Bibles (my mom still has her first Bible from when she was a child, but she keeps it in a safe place), either because they have been “over-used” (basically, fallen apart) or because I love the Word so much I want others to have access! (Is that a plausible excuse? It is true, but is it plausible?)

    The only things I currently have in my possession are a couple journals from my mother and some greetings cards from family, especially the misses. I would love to be able to pass something like a well-used Bible to my children one day, but my wife and I are definitely not material people. If we lost everything, we would still rejoice in our Lord and God and share His Word (with or wihout a physical Bible)!


    • Maybe, because of my appreciation for what my dad left behind, I have a desire for my children to experience the same. I don’t think my father planned ahead for his Bible to be in my hands, but it has given me insight into his thoughts as I have matured enough to understand. When I finally leave this earth, I want to leave something behind on purpose. I want my thoughts to be clear, honest, and encouraging. I want them to have a tangible reminder of their father’s faith.

      Actually, I do have more than one Bible. Some have more notes than others. One has a “lifetime warranty,” but even though the binding in one place could warrant replacing, I can’t do it. I’d much rather keep my notes.

      Thanks, though, for sharing. I hope you have the chance to give many more away.


  4. Just the other day i was sitting next to one of my daughters in church; I had my really worn ouy Jewish Bible on my lap. I said,” Looks like I need a new one because this one is a mess. She grinned and said,” It’s fine, it just shows you go there a lot.”


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