Been a While, but Don’t be Depressed

By: Anthony Baker

Dec 06 2011

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Category: BeFunky, Humor

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Believe it or not, it is harder than you think to make yourself take a decent picture every day. That is why I have not posted any in a while. The pressures of the last few weeks of my second degree (first one was non-accredited) have been rough, not to mention holiday and ministry obligations.

But here you go. Here’s a picture I took while escorting my wife to the Doctor (she has the sniffles).

I thought, “The only way you could get a preacher like me to be quite would be to depress my tongue.” Then another thought crossed my mind…

…What do you give a dysfunctional, depressed tongue? Pwozac? Cymbawda? Couwciwing?


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