Rare Bird

Now that birds are starting to show up because of the warm weather, we might ought to clean out the bird bath and fill up the feeders.

But wait! What kind of bird is that?

Actually, it’s one of those little remote-controlled birdies. You cant tell by the picture, but the blades were spinning. Cute, isn’t he?

One word of advice, however: a gust of wind took this little helobird into the neighbor’s yard when it lifted off, so try to keep critters like this indoors (like the directions say).


2 comments on “Rare Bird”

  1. Yes, and as the gush of wind came by, you could hear the sound coming from the “bird” saying, “eeeeeeyyyyyeeeeeehhhhhh!!!!!!” with a tiny gargle sound, as it was forced around the corner and out of sight.


  2. I love to see different birds feeding in the garden, but the last time I had a visitor I hadn’t seen before it was a sparrow hawk, who just happened to be eating one of the blackbirds that regularly visits the garden.

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