Contemplate This

So, what do you think this cookie is trying to tell me? Why are there two fortunes? Surely it was only an accident, you think? Am I living two lives? Should I tip twice?

Ok, so let’s think this through. I, only me, the only me I know, walked into a Chinese buffet for dinner with my daughter. At the end of our meal we both received fortune cookies. She got only one, just like me. We did not pay for three meals, only two. She got one fortune. I got two. Something doesn’t add up.

Me contimplate this long time.


One comment on “Contemplate This”

  1. Perhaps you are over-anaylyzing this?

    Or perhaps you need to be extra aware of how contemplative and analytical you are. Pray about it and seek God’s wisdom, and then figure out what He is telling you.

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