I Don’t Have to be “Smille”

In my study there hangs a charcoal drawing of a Bible and a candle sitting on a table. It was drawn by my father years ago, and it is entitled “Me and God.”

Inspired by the drawing by my father and the way my desk usually looks, Haley spent days working on this drawing for Father’s Day.

You can’t see the whole drawing, but the most important part is here – what she said.

“You don’t need a church like Smille’s to be a great dad, but you do need to spend time with us. I love you so much.”

In other words, she was saying, “Don’t get discouraged if the church you pastor isn’t as large as Joel Osteen’s. You’re still a great dad. But just in case you forgot, you’re a dad first, then a pastor. So spend time with us before we grow up and move away. You can get another congregation, but you only have us once. I love you more than you can comprehend.”


One comment on “I Don’t Have to be “Smille””

  1. She is right… (amazing how those little people can be so right at times when we are too busy to notice the wrong) …and this made my eyes sting as they filled with tears. I love you both.

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