Meditating McDonald

By: Anthony Baker

Feb 09 2013

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Category: Culture, Food, places


Many mornings I stop by McDonalds for a coffee and an Egg McMuffin. I usually pull my bus around and park in back. And it’s usually dark.

One morning an employee walked out while I was sitting on my bus eating. He went to the storage shed, opened the door, and freaked me out.

There, sitting on the floor, was Ronald. Creepy, huh?

The quality of the photo isn’t that great because of the low light, but you get the idea.


2 comments on “Meditating McDonald”

  1. The photo quality adds to the mystery of this picture. Makes it seem like an urban legend. A scary Ronald sitting in the back of each McDonald’s, making sure everything is deep fried and warmed up properly.

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