A Cool, Foggy Morning In October

By: Anthony Baker

Oct 17 2014

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Category: animals, Architecture, Church, nature


I took this picture while looking from the front porch of our church. It was about 55 degrees outside at 9am.


3 comments on “A Cool, Foggy Morning In October”

  1. It seems a long time since you last posted on i4. It was about the same temperature here at 09:00 but drier by then.

    • It has been a long time. And I still have an i4s, not a 5 or 6.

      • My 4S finally died a week before the six came out. It had been terminally ill for a while. The power button no longer worked, the headphone jack no longer had ceased to provide output. Then the WiFi packed up. The Bluetooth still works! Fortunately my service provide provides an interest free means of acquiring a new iPhone with the cost calculated separately from the network charges. So I do have a 6 but it is a bit big. No longer a back pocket job. The camera is much better. Other than that I am not sure what I have gained.

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