Evidence for the Atheist

By: Anthony Baker

Jul 10 2015

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Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4S

It has been a long while since I posted anything to this blog, but I am doing so now in order to be able to provide evidence that I have, indeed, been mowing the lawn – all two acres – on a John Deere lawn tractor.

I had to do it this way because I could find no other way to upload photos to the comment section of another blog.

By the way, mowing grass for three hours is very therapeutic, especially when dealing with smart alec atheists.

Even though it is 80+ degrees here in the South, even at 9:30 a.m., the black hat you see me wearing helps keep me cool – it’s a cooling hat 🙂 And, check earbud wire still attached to the phone! (FYI, I am listening to the Gaither Vocal Band channel on Pandora.)
photo 2 (7)

Looking down and straight ahead as I am going down the line in the back lot.

photo 3 (4)

Looking across the mower (and my white knees) down across my back yard. My study and the gym is to my left, just out of sight. I took this picture as I was heading back to the house to upload the photos to this blog. The time is now 10:41 a.m. on this beautiful Friday morning.


13 comments on “Evidence for the Atheist”

  1. Excellent! I think we can safely say that on the face of it ( subject to critical photo analysis just to make sure this has not been photo-shopped) that the lawn has been mowed.

    However … written testimony from neighbours verifying it was actually you that mowed the lawn, and not just perched on your mower after the fact would go a long way to getting a 100% seal of authenticity.

    You have done a sterling job so far, Anthony. Highly commendable and certainly a lot better than those claimants for that other book we were talking about.

    • Whatever, sir. Whatever. I’m just thankful I don’t have to push the mower. Otherwise, my body might be pushing up more grass for another to mow, while the other part of me meets my Maker. Should that happen, you are more than welcome to weed the garden 😉

      • I also think it important that we clarify the terms ”Mow” and ”Grass” ( featured in the KJV)
        I don’t like the KJV ( Kentucky Jungle Version). It is out of date and when you mention ”Grass” to Fundamentalist Mowers they always try to hide the Rizlas and look guilty because they know they have been caught. A bit like William Lane Craig when he debated Sam Harris on Gardening. He looked like a real pillock. No wonder he has only a tiny cucumber and his tomatoes are always green.
        I prefer the modern, updated (illustrated) NIV ( Nearly Immaculate Version) as they use the correct term Lawn and I’d like to see even the most creative Fundamentalist smoke a Lawn.
        Thank you for your understanding.

        With James’s permission if you want to discuss the origin and etymology of Compost Heaps let me know?

      • Strike that last offer. There’s no telling what you’d put in the garden.

      • I have nothing to hide , Anthony, I can assure you.
        No broken glass hidden in my compost heap for the unwary, on that you have my word.

      • As with my evidence, your assurance will also require a certain amount if faith. I’ll just try to keep the John Deere running.

      • Ah … but I invite you to rummage in my compost heap any time you like.
        Can’t fake it if it isn’t there, now can I?

      • Why would I lie to you, Anthony?

      • Why would you not? Human nature and years of experience. I’m a parent of teenagers, for crying out loud.

      • Oddly enough I have never found the need to lie. Maybe I did as a kid, but I don’t recall.
        I did nick a gobstopper ( candy) from a newsagent when I was 8 (?)
        It was just sitting there on the counter. You can tell it made a lasting impression can’t you?
        I have found a hard truth is better than an easy lie.
        And I have children too.
        But I am no longer a child and like your book says, I put away childish things – like blind faith in non-glass compost heaps etc- a long time ago.

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